Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes
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MAJOR: Several GM's Reportedly Disappointed By Massive Decision From Kent Hughes

Published March 4, 2024 at 7:12 PM

In recent weeks, Arber Xhekaj's name has been widely circulated in the media and across the NHL.

To provide some context, Xhekaj had been called up from Laval, but his performance upon returning to Montreal was not compelling.

Various platforms and reputable NHL insiders have discussed the defenseman being involved in a trade, revealing information about other teams' interest in the services of "The Sheriff."

Elliotte Friedman recently shared intriguing information regarding the potential for a trade involving Xhekaj. He explicitly mentioned that there is disappointment throughout the league over Kent Hughes' refusal to trade him. Wow!

This speaks volumes about Xhekaj's potential value across the league, with several GMs reportedly disappointed by the Canadiens' lack of openness to a trade.

Additionally, this clearly demonstrates the favorable opinion the management has towards number 72. The organization has no interest in trading him at the moment, which is positive considering he has been coming out of his shell in recent games.

One thing seems certain: there will need to be one or more transactions involving defensemen to gradually make room for the young talent.

Lane Hutson, David Reinbacher, and Logan Mailloux, to name a few, are knocking on the door, and there is already a surplus of defensemen in Montreal.

The Canadiens' GM will surely need to attempt to trade one or two defensemen in a significant deal to acquire a young, established player who could play in the top-6 forward group next year.
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MAJOR: Several GM's Reportedly Disappointed By Massive Decision From Kent Hughes

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