Montreal Canadiens defenseman David Savard
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Major Information Emerges on a David Savard Trade: We Likely Know His Deadline Fate

Published February 7, 2024 at 9:44

As the trade deadline approaches, many experts and fans are wondering if Kent Hughes will pull another rabbit out of his hat with a trade involving one of his veterans who could have significant value on the market.

Among the players who could bring a significant return to the Canadiens, there's certainly defenseman David Savard.

Given the organization has a significant surplus in its defensive brigade, although he plays an essential role as a mentor for many young players in the team, eventually, space will need to be made on the Canadiens' blue line.

Since the Quebecois is signed for another season at only $3.5M, he could interest many contending teams looking to address a lack of depth.

In connection with a possible trade involving him, here is what insider Pierre LeBrun recently revealed on TSN.

«I don't think the Montreal Canadiens want to trade David Savard, I think they value him for all sorts of reasons within the organization. If someone sends them an offer that really makes them think, then yes, he could be traded... but at this point, he is not a player that the Canadiens are offering to other teams, they are not determined to trade him.» - Pierre LeBrun, via NHL Watcher

This speaks volumes about the situation surrounding Savard and the CH.

Although the team is in a rebuilding phase and he could bring a lot in the trade market, Kent Hughes prefers to keep his services, despite a surplus of defenders.

He would rather have congestion on the blue line next year, potentially blocking a spot for a young player like David Reinbacher or Logan Mailloux, rather than obtaining at least another first-round pick, as well as a prospect, for the 33-year-old veteran.

Do you think the Canadiens are doing the right thing by keeping Savard despite his high market value?

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Major Information Emerges on a David Savard Trade: We Likely Know His Deadline Fate

Do you think the Canadiens are making the right decision to keep Savard?

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