Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman
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Kent Hughes Sent a Stern Warning From the NHL After Illegal Statement During Press Conference

Published February 7, 2024 at 9:04

A very interesting revelation from journalist Marc Antoine Godin of Radio-Canada has just come to light regarding the General Manager of the Canadiens, Kent Hughes.

During the podcast Tellement Hockey, it was openly mentioned that Hughes was reprimanded for something he said in a press conference.

To provide context, during his most recent media appearance, the GM of the CH mentioned the name of Connor McDavid in his remarks. He stated, for example, that if McDavid were available, the Canadiens would make an offer.

In short, it is important to know that team officials are not allowed to mention a player who plays for another team. This is a rule that must be respected among the various NHL teams.

«He was warned, because he did it in a more compromising way at the beginning and when he arrived at the management of the Canadiens.

He got a bit of a slap on the wrist.» – Marc Antoine Godin


Although Hughes offered this example without any malice, showing nothing particularly compromising or embarrassing for anyone, it's the kind of statement that is prohibited for a manager in front of the media.

While we greatly appreciate the transparency from the general manager, we must expect him to be more careful in his statements, which could suggest that he is much less talkative than before.

It's boring, but unfortunately, that's the "game".

If you're not already listening to this podcast, we highly recommend it:

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Kent Hughes Sent a Stern Warning From the NHL After Illegal Statement During Press Conference

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