The next Andrei Markov already in the Canadiens organization?

Aaron Itovitch
March 30, 2024  (7:41 PM)

Retired Montreal Canadiens defenseman Andrei Markov
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As you know, the Montreal Canadiens have several high-quality prospects within their organization, and according to Anthony Marcotte, Kent Hughes may have potentially found the next Andrei Markov.

Indeed, the Laval Rocket's game commentator recently invited fans to ask him questions via his Twitter account. He surprised many by comparing a defenseman of the Canadiens to the famous number 79.
Given that the fifth overall pick in the last draft, David Reinbacher, finally made his debut in North America, many observers are closely watching his performances with the CH's farm team.
Although he has only played a few games in the AHL, he has clearly demonstrated great skills, raising questions about the type of player he could eventually become once he reaches his full potential and makes the jump to Martin St-Louis's lineup.
Anthony Marcotte gave an answer that is likely to greatly please Montreal supporters. According to him, the Austrian will become a complete defenseman who will be able to play significant minutes, game after game in the NHL.
"Without identifying a particular player, I see Reinbacher as a complete defenseman who will take a lot of minutes in the NHL. Kind of an Andrei Markov, but a bit more robust." - Anthony Marcotte

He even went so far as to compare David Reinbacher to a kind of Andrei Markov, but with a more robust style of play. Wow!
We're talking about a player who played nearly 1000 games with the Canadiens, amassing an impressive total of 119 goals and 453 assists (572 points) during his tenure with the Montreal team. Moreover, for those who remember, the Russian defenseman was a true quarterback on the power play, once having an incredible 64-point season.
Honestly, I would be greatly surprised if the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge prospect has a career as offensively fruitful as Andrei Markov, but he still possesses qualities that translate into the style of play practiced by the Canadiens' legend.
Indeed, like the former CH defenseman, David Reinbacher has exceptional skating and an excellent first pass. His mobility and extraordinary game vision allow him to make zone exits with ease. Being very reliable defensively, he has all the necessary attributes to become a complete defenseman capable of logging big minutes in the NHL.
Certainly, this statement from Anthony Marcotte speaks volumes about the defenseman's talent, who seems destined for a very promising future with Martin St-Louis's team.
Do you think David Reinbacher will be able to have as great a career as Andrei Markov?
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The next Andrei Markov already in the Canadiens organization?

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