Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis and general manager Kent Hughes
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MAJOR: Kent Hughes Breaks the Silence on Martin St-Louis' Departure

Published March 18, 2024 at 2:45 PM

Since Saturday night, the hot topic for the Montreal Canadiens is undoubtedly the sudden departure of Martin St-Louis, who left Calgary urgently to join his family in the United States.

According to comments made by David Savard during an interview on TVA Sports, the reason that may have prompted the head coach to abandon his duties for an indefinite period is due to a situation involving one of his three sons.

It's not easy to learn about things concerning Martin's family. I liked how the guys reacted. We're going to try to get a win for his guy. - David Savard

Naturally, this information quickly circulated around the web as many fans are concerned about the health of Lucas, Mason, or Ryan. However, in the last few minutes, Maxime Truman disclosed rather interesting information, suggesting that an official announcement could be made today by the Canadiens.

His statement implies that the situation may involve Martin St-Louis's youngest son, Mason, who is currently playing for the Mid Fairfield Rangers in U15 AAA. We sincerely hope he is well and that the situation is less serious than anticipated.

I wouldn't be surprised if we learn a bit more about the situation of Martin St-Louis's (youngest) son today. - Maxime Truman

However, a few minutes after Maxime Truman's tweet, Kent Hughes himself provided an update on the matter, telling journalists that he had not contacted the head coach since his unexpected departure. He also added that he had no idea when Martin St-Louis could return to the Canadiens' fold.

Kent Hughes has not contacted Martin Saint-Louis since he left the club to join his family. At the moment, he has no idea when he might rejoin the Canadiens. - Luc Gélinas

Therefore, we must remain patient before receiving concrete news on this matter, but everything suggests that MSL's absence could extend for a few more days, or even weeks.

The most important thing right now is for Martin St-Louis to take care of his family and ensure that his son Mason is doing well. We want to send positive vibes to him and his family during these difficult times.

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MAJOR: Kent Hughes Breaks the Silence on Martin St-Louis' Departure

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