Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis and his family
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Worrying News Emerges in the Martin St-Louis Story Via Montreal Canadiens Reporter

Published March 18, 2024 at 1:05 PM

Since Martin St-Louis's sudden departure on Saturday, when he left the team's entourage for family reasons a few hours before the game against the Flames, numerous pieces of information have surfaced on social media.

Indeed, according to reports from the last few hours, Martin's son Lucas still played his game with the Dubuque Fighting Saints in the USHL last night. Following this information, some fans have therefore assumed that the health condition of Mason or Ryan might not be critical.

However, in a text published on the BPM Sports website this morning, Jean Tremblay made a rather worrying statement. Indeed, according to him, something serious must have occurred for the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens to leave his duties, who had even played with the New York Rangers after the death of his mother in 2014.

« If Martin St-Louis left Calgary and his team to be with his family, it must be very serious. He's not one to complain.

In May 2014, St-Louis had decided, in agreement with his father, to play the sixth game of the Rangers' playoff series against the Pittsburgh Penguins following his mother's death. Even better, he scored the first goal for the Rangers in their team's victory. » - Jean Tremblay

While this anecdote may demonstrate Martin St-Louis's huge commitment to his team, it offers no guarantees about what has actually happened with his sons. However, it is still very worrying to see that the Canadiens' head coach had to urgently leave the team to join his family in the United States.

« I don't know the exact reason for St-Louis's absence. But knowing him, it must be very serious. I just hope that things will go well. » - Jean Tremblay

Let's sincerely hope that Martin St-Louis's sons are well and that the urgent matter that forced him to temporarily leave his duties is not as serious as it seems.

Certainly, we want to send positive vibes and a wave of love to our head coach during these difficult times.

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Worrying News Emerges in the Martin St-Louis Story Via Montreal Canadiens Reporter

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