Cole Caufield gets emotional in new interview: he opens up

Aaron Itovitch
April 1, 2024  (10:31)

Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield
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In a recent interview with journalist Emily Kaplan, Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield opened up, making a rather sad revelation.

Indeed, we had the opportunity to see number 22 from a completely different angle, as he talked about his journey in hockey, but also about his new life in Montreal.
Unlike the usual press conferences, where players tend to be somewhat reserved in their responses, the CH's star forward spoke very honestly, allowing fans to see a side of him that had not yet been shown to the public.
He particularly discussed the challenges of playing in a market as passionate as Montreal's, stating that it was possibly the hardest place to start a career in the NHL.
«I would say that Montreal is probably the hardest place to play for a young player. The fans expect you to win because of the team's glorious past and history.» - Cole Caufield

After a promising start with the Canadiens, who was a key part (12 points in 20 games) in the team's playoff success in 2021, Cole Caufield hit a real wall in his second season.
Under the guidance of head coach Dominique Ducharme, the young forward went through a demoralizing streak, scoring no goals in his first ten games.
Furthermore, to make matters worse for Caufield, the pressure from the fans was enormous, as they hoped to see him reach the 40 or 50 goal mark, despite it being his first full season in the NHL.
This offensive drought led to a demotion to the American League, a challenge he had never faced before, having always dominated in his previous years.
«I had a lot of confidence in myself at the beginning of the season and, suddenly, it disappeared. It hit me too quickly and I didn't really know how to bounce back. It was the first time I hit a wall and didn't know what to do to recover.

I never really thought this would happen after last year. I went home for the day and called my parents. I was obviously in a very bad place.» - Cole Caufield

He admitted it was very difficult for him to regain his confidence at that time, as everyone mocks how you are doing when you play in the NHL. What matters is that you manage to perform up to expectations.
He added that he found joy in playing hockey again thanks to a particular incident. Indeed, the right winger for the Montreal Canadiens decided to go play on public rinks, as he used to do when he was a kid. This little session with hundreds of children reminded him that hockey is just a game and that he was privileged to play for such a glorious organization as the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.
Cole Caufield also mentioned that the arrival of Martin St-Louis had a significant impact on his career, as he now had the opportunity to be coached by his childhood idol.
«It's because of him that I wore number 26 in my youth. He's about my size and nothing was given to him; he had to work hard to get there. He reminds me of that all the time. When he arrived, it felt like the start of a new season, something that gave momentum to our team.» - Cole Caufield

For sure, we are truly lucky to have a player like Cole Caufield with the CH. In addition to being an exceptional attacker on the ice, his positive attitude is hugely contagious in the team's locker room. We are very happy to see him have so much success alongside Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slafkovsky recently.
The best is yet to come for the little forward!
Sincerely, we highly recommend listening to this interview.

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Cole Caufield gets emotional in new interview: he opens up

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