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Major Trade Offer Emerges Sending Trevor Zegras to Montreal: Things are Clearly Heating Up

Published February 7, 2024 at 4:51 PM

In the last few hours, the renowned Frank Seravalli confirmed significant news regarding Trevor Zegras, indicating that the Ducks' star forward is definitely on the trade market.

According to him, negotiations between the player and his organization have seriously deteriorated, to the point where now, his fate would likely be under different skies by next season.

With the Canadiens' recent transaction for Sean Monahan, Kent Hughes acquired another first-round pick for the upcoming draft. It's a safe bet that the general manager will shop this new addition to acquire a young, established player.

With Zegras' availability on the market, this situation opens a real opportunity for Hughes, according to information from journalist Shayna Goldman of The Athletic. The Canadiens are at the top of a list of six potential teams for a possible trade of Trevor Zegras.

In short, the possibility of the CH acquiring the 22-year-old forward is generating a lot of ink and fueling many debates.

Given that the team has five first-round picks for the next three drafts, a specific trade offer for Zegras is causing a lot of buzz.


- Trevor Zegras


- Winnipeg's 1st round pick 2024 (22nd to 32nd overall)

- Calgary or Florida's 1st round pick 2025 (acquired for free by hosting Sean Monahan)

- Sean Farrell

- Justin Barron

This would be absolutely major as a trade!

Would you be satisfied with such a transaction for acquiring a top-6 forward like Zegras?

Although the price seems high at first glance, it's important to note that Zegras is a young, leading forward in the NHL, with 146 points, including 53 goals, in 199 career games.

The included first-round picks remain question marks, which are likely to be late as well, while Justin Barron and Sean Farrell are two young, expendable players in the organization, considering their potential in the NHL.

This trade proposal is intriguing and has attracted a lot of attention.

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Major Trade Offer Emerges Sending Trevor Zegras to Montreal: Things are Clearly Heating Up

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