Montreal Canadiens analyst Bob Hartley and defenseman David Savard
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Canadiens Expert Reveals What He Would Do With David Savard

Published March 1, 2024 at 9:30

The $1,000 question at the Montreal Canadiens is whether Kent Hughes will dare to trade veteran defenseman David Savard in the coming days.

Pretty much all the media and experts have given their opinion on the matter, and now it's Bob Hartley's turn to do so, while he was on the air at BPM Sports.

The former NHL head coach is one of the most qualified people to answer the question, someone who never hesitates to give his candid opinion on hot topics.

David Savard for a draft pick

"Trading David Savard for a pick? That's a categorical no for Bob Hartley!

What do you say?" - via BPM Sports

Hartley states he wouldn't do it, because of all that he brings to the young players on the team. He is an excellent mentor for Kaiden Guhle, Arber Xhekaj, and he mentions that the CH still needs him.

However, he notes that if Hughes can get a young Nick Suzuki in return, that would be a different story, but for a simple pick, given the significant unpredictability associated with a draft selection, he wouldn't do it.

Obviously, for a team like the Lightning, which wants to strengthen its defense and has an eye on Savard, it will have to be very clever to manage to get the Quebecois defenseman from the CH.

At this time, the chances of seeing him leave by next March 8 seem quite low.

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Canadiens Expert Reveals What He Would Do With David Savard

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