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Trade Between the Canadien and Maple Leafs Continuing to Develop: is it Truly in the Cards?

Published December 25, 2023 at 11:55

The rivalry between the Canadiens and the Bruins is well-known, and nothing will match the old rivalry between the Canadiens and the defunct Nordiques. Could a trade with the Bruins be possible? Would a trade with the former arch-enemies from Quebec have been feasible? What about the Toronto Maple Leafs? Is a trade between these two teams conceivable?

Not so long ago, such a thing would have been unthinkable! However, with the current level of parity in the NHL, can a team really afford to ignore a good trade deal simply because it involves long-standing or divisional rivals? I think not. Any good opportunity must be seized to improve your team. So, could the Canadiens strike a deal with the Maple Leafs? According to Luke Fox of Sportsnet, there is a player from the Montreal Canadiens who could meet a glaring need of the Toronto team. That player is Sean Monahan.

We all know the offensive firepower of the Maple Leaf team, as well as their defensive shortcomings. The Leafs are reportedly looking for rental players to bolster their defensive squad and a forward to improve their defensive play. Three names often come up in rumors: Adam Henrique of the Anaheim Ducks, Alexander Wennberg of the Seattle Kraken, and finally Sean Monahan.

The problem with the first two players is that they command salaries of $5.825M and $4.5M, respectively. The Leafs have just over $800,000 available under the cap. They would need to shed salary to acquire Henrique or Wennberg. It's not impossible but more complicated. This is where Sean Monohan, with a contract of $1.95M, becomes very interesting. Furthermore, Monahan's prowess in the faceoff circle, his defensive play, and his leadership are all qualities the Leafs are looking for.

As mentioned earlier, would the fans accept helping, in any way, such direct rivals of the Canadiens? We also don't know what Montreal would receive in return. Moreover, does Kent Hughes want to trade Monahan or re-sign him?

Many questions that cannot be answered at least until the end of the trade freeze period on December 28th.

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Trade Between the Canadien and Maple Leafs Continuing to Develop: is it Truly in the Cards?

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