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PK Subban Shocks Fans With Comments on Connor Bedard, The Michigan Goal, and Trevor Zegras

Published December 25, 2023 at 10:01

PK Subban, once a celebrated figure in the NHL for his dynamic, physical, and offensive defense skills, and often in the running for the Norris Trophy, saw his reputation evolve over his career. Known for his aggressive playing style, including the use of slewfoots, he chose to retire at the relatively young age of 33. This decision followed a period where he found the offers from teams unsatisfactory. However, Subban's vibrant personality swiftly transitioned him into a media career.

He's now making waves as an analyst and commentator, bringing his outspoken nature to the forefront in social media and beyond. With the hockey world currently abuzz about the Michigan goal, especially after Trevor Zegras and Connor Bedard each scored one on the same night, Subban has offered his unique perspective on the matter.

Ex-Norris Trophy Recipient PK Subban Speaks Out on Michigan Goal Scoring Tactics

Witness Zegras and Bedard's remarkable goals here:

These goals are undoubtedly skillful, showcasing creativity and hockey acumen. Yet, they spark debate about the Michigan goal's impact on the sport, given the challenge they pose to goaltenders. Subban, while acknowledging the skill involved, suggests a different perspective if he were still on the ice.

"Trevor Zegras, Connor Bedard, absolutely disgusting," said Subban. "In that moment they expose not only the goaltender but all 5 players on the ice, embarrass them in front of 20,000 and millions of people watching from coast to coast. I think it's absolutely awesome.

Is this great for the game? Well I don't know," admitted Subban. "I'm telling you something, if I was playing, I'd probably take a swing at em."

-PK Subban

The Michigan goal raises intriguing questions: Should it be regulated by the NHL, or should it become a more integral part of the sport we cherish?

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PK Subban Shocks Fans With Comments on Connor Bedard, The Michigan Goal, and Trevor Zegras

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