Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras
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MAJOR: Shocking Turnaround for Trevor Zegras in Anaheim and It Appears His Days are Numbered

Published February 6, 2024 at 12:05

The recent trade by the Ducks, which sent defenseman Jamie Drysdale to Philadelphia in exchange for Cutter Gauthier, seemed to seal the fate of Trevor Zegras in Anaheim.

With this major addition, the organization now has significantly less need for the services of the star forward, who is not in the good graces of his GM Pat Verbeek, as well as his coach Greg Cronin, due to his style of play.

Even before the Gauthier transaction, numerous rumors circulated during the summer suggesting that Zegras could leave the organization sooner rather than later, especially since he had to wait until October 2, just a few days before the season start, to sign a new contract for $5.75 million for three years.

The fact that both parties seemed unable to reach an agreement, even though Zegras was the team's young star, raised suspicions of a possible upcoming split between the Ducks and him.

It was just rumors, until insider Frank Seravalli just confirmed them. Indeed, he outright stated that the contract negotiations during the offseason went poorly.

He also reiterates that he would be more available than ever from the Ducks. Wow!

All in all, it must be admitted that it is very rare to see a young talent like Zegras, barely 22 years old, available for a trade.

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According to recent information from journalist Shayna Goldman of The Athletic, the Montreal Canadiens are identified as the first team on a list of six potential teams to which Trevor Zegras could be traded.

The possible arrival of Zegras in Montreal generates diverging opinions among Canadiens fans. Some believe he would significantly help solve the club's problematic offense, while others think he would bring trouble to the team.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that Zegras is a true top-6 NHL forward, accumulating 146 points, including 53 goals, in 199 games over his league career.

A change of scenery from an organization as disheveled as the Ducks, which has struggled to have any kind of structure for many years, could be beneficial for Zegras' development, whether in Montreal or elsewhere.
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MAJOR: Shocking Turnaround for Trevor Zegras in Anaheim and It Appears His Days are Numbered

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