Montreal Canadiens defenseman Arber Xhekaj
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MAJOR: Kent Hughes Has Received a Massive One-For-One Trade Offer

Published January 27, 2024 at 1:14 PM

Over the past few weeks, Montreal Canadiens defenseman Arber Xhekaj seems to have greatly attracted attention across the NHL. Indeed, according to information reported by Elliotte Friedman, numerous teams have contacted Kent Hughes to inquire about the price for the robust 22-year-old defender.

Moreover, according to what Friedman has heard, Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Brière was among those who showed interest in Arber Xhekaj. However, Kent Hughes immediately closed the door on a potential transaction, indicating that number 72 was not available on the trade market.

A concrete offer was made

On the other hand, the editor-in-chief for The Fourth Period, David Pagnotta, recently made a very intriguing update in this case. From reliable sources, some teams did more than just contact the Canadiens; they directly made an offer to try to acquire the services of Xhekaj, nicknamed "Wifi".

He also mentions that one of the proposals included a forward who had been selected in the first round and who could potentially play in a top-6 in the NHL, more specifically on a second line. However, Kent Hughes decided to decline this offer, preferring to keep the sheriff in his organization.

«Teams have not only called the Montreal Canadiens about the robust defender Arber Xhekaj, but some have also made concrete offers.

In fact, we learn that the Canadiens received an offer for a young NHL forward, a former first-round pick, with the potential of a second-line. Montreal refused.» - David Pagnotta

Wow! That's interesting!

Who is the forward that was proposed to the Canadiens?

Obviously, it is difficult to know which player was actually offered in exchange for Arber Xhekaj. However, based on the different information confirmed by reputable analysts, we can potentially have a small idea.

Note that this is only speculation since many Montreal fans want to know the name of the player involved in the proposal.

Here's what we know so far:

· The forward in question is a former first-round pick currently playing in the NHL, who also has the potential to become a second-line player.

· Among the teams that contacted Kent Hughes, we have confirmation that the Philadelphia Flyers are greatly interested in the Ontario defenseman, who would represent an important addition for the playoffs.

Knowing this information, it is possible to believe that the offer in question came from Daniel Brière. Looking at the first-round picks currently playing with the Flyers and matching the information revealed by David Pagnotta, three players seem to fit the description, namely Tyson Foerster, Joel Farabee, and Morgan Frost.

Moreover, Morgan Frost's name has been mentioned in various trade rumors recently, indicating that the organization might possibly be looking to trade him. Selected 27th overall in 2017, the 24-year-old center amassed 46 points in 81 games last year, notably claiming 7 goals and 14 assists (21 points) in 37 games this season.

As we mentioned earlier, this is only speculation since David Pagnotta did not want to disclose the identity of the forward in question.

If Morgan Frost was indeed the player proposed for Arber Xhekaj, would you have accepted this offer?

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MAJOR: Kent Hughes Has Received a Massive One-For-One Trade Offer

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