Montreal Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki, forward Cole Caufield, and a blurred image of 2024 NHL draft eligible forward Berkly Catton
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Superstar Offensive Forward to Join the Canadiens: Kent Hughes May Get Very Lucky

Published January 27, 2024 at 11:37

In the last few hours, the National Hockey League's central scouting bureau has made available its mid-season list for the 2024 draft, and the result is extremely surprising.

Currently, the Montreal Canadiens hold the 7th overall selection in this draft, with a 6.5% chance of getting the first overall pick and 6.7% for the second.

Given the organization's glaring lack of pure offensive talent, Kent Hughes must be hoping to land a forward with elite NHL potential. Obviously, the higher the team drafts, the greater the chances of adding a player of this caliber.

At the beginning of the year, there was a serious problem for the Canadiens. All the top offensive talents were expected to be picked among the first six choices, out of the club's reach.

At the Canadiens' rank, there was a very interesting but unattractive lot for Hughes of promising defenders. However, with the selection of David Reinbacher last year, the team does not need another defenseman in its organization and must absolutely add a talented forward.

However, a few months later, coming back to the mid-season list that has just been published, the Canadiens could benefit from an obvious trend in this draft that presents itself as a miracle for the organization.

A significant number of defenders are currently highly rated, with four or five of them potentially hearing their names called before the Canadiens' pick.

What does this mean concretely?

Due to the high value of a talented defender, the rise of several prospects like Artyom Levshunov, Zeev Buium, Sam Dickinson, Carter Yakemchuk, Zayne Parekh, Anton Silayev, and Adam Jiricek could result in an elite-potential forward slipping to the Canadiens' rank.

If the situation remains the same by next June, Kent Hughes could well be in the fortunate position to select a very promising talent like Cole Eiserman, Berkly Catton, Konsta Helenius, or Ivan Demidov.

Here's a snapshot of their statistics:

Cole Eiserman: 34 goals and 55 points in 32 games with the American development program.

Berkly Catton: 30 goals and 69 points in 42 games in the OHL.

Konsta Helenius: 8 goals and 24 points in 34 games in the Liiga.

Ivan Demidov: 20 goals and 45 points in 23 games in the MHL.

To see the ranking of prospects, click here:

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Superstar Offensive Forward to Join the Canadiens: Kent Hughes May Get Very Lucky

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