Montreal Canadiens forward Sean Monahan
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MAJOR: Kent Hughes Confirms the Team's Plan for Sean Monahan

Published January 15, 2024 at 11:56

For many weeks, several observers have mentioned that Sean Monahan's days in Montreal might be numbered, as he could be traded by the trade deadline. After all, the veteran has excellent value in the trade market and could certainly bring an interesting return to the organization.

At 29 years old, the center player is earning a modest salary of 1.985 million dollars until the end of this season. Moreover, again this year, number 91 is showing that he can make a significant contribution with a tally of 24 points in 42 games, while having played with more or less offensive wingers throughout the campaign.

It should also be noted that Sean Monahan is extremely reliable in his own territory as well as in the face-off circle, holding the full confidence of his head coach, Martin St-Louis, for different defensive missions, notably in shorthanded situations.

Moreover, according to information reported by David Pagnotta, Kent Hughes' demands on the trade market would now be revealed. Indeed, the GM of the Canadiens would absolutely want a first-round pick or a second-round pick and a prospect to agree to send the former Calgary Flames player to another team.

It should be noted that during his mid-season review, Kent Hughes also seemed to confirm Darren Dreger's information, indicating that an agreement had been reached when Sean Monahan signed, stipulating that he would potentially be traded during the season. Obviously, everything will depend on the offers he receives by March 8th, but all indications are that the forward could find himself with a new team in the coming weeks.

«Canadiens GM Kent Hughes states that a 'general' agreement was made with Sean Monahan at the time he signed to be moved to a contending team. No guarantee, all depends on how things unfold... That said, many (myself included) expect Monahan to be moved by the deadline.» - David Pagnotta

Not wanting to reveal his hand, Kent Hughes still admitted that the possibility of the center signing a contract extension with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge was very real, confessing that everything was possible at the moment.

Certainly, it will be very interesting to see what happens with the Sean Monahan case, but all signs point to the forward finishing the season in a uniform other than that of the Canadiens.

If you were in Kent Hughes' shoes, would you trade number 91 for a first-round pick?

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MAJOR: Kent Hughes Confirms the Team's Plan for Sean Monahan

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