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Bullet Dodged: Kent Hughes' Best Move as Canadiens GM is a Move He Never Even Made

Published December 24, 2023 at 10:16

When Jonathan Huberdeau was traded to Calgary, many observers and fans hoped he wouldn't sign a long-term deal with the Flames, allowing him to test free agency and potentially sign with Montreal a year later.

Ultimately, the Saint-Jérôme native inked a massive contract with his new team for eight seasons, averaging $10.5M annually.

However, nearly a year later, this signing seems to have turned into a nightmare, and it appears that the Canadiens have dodged a bullet.

His first season was extremely disappointing. Huberdeau finished with 55 points in 79 games, a dramatic drop of 60 points compared to his previous season in Florida, where he had amassed 115.

Many attributed this downturn to his former coach, Darryl Sutter, who was eventually replaced during the off-season. However, after 34 games this year, it's clear that the coaching change has done absolutely nothing. He has a mere 15 points, including just 4 goals.

Discontent is already being felt in Calgary, and criticism of Huberdeau's performance is evident. Some even think it's time for Craig Conroy to punish the forward by removing him from the lineup.

The worst part is that due to his current performance and his hefty contract, the value of the Flames' number 10 has become virtually nil.

It's almost impossible that he could get a new chance to restart his game anywhere but in Calgary. He will have to find a way out of his slump on his own.

He's just started the first year of his eight-year contract at $10.5M, and at the rate he's producing now, he would end the season with a meager total of 37 points, which is totally unacceptable.

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Bullet Dodged: Kent Hughes' Best Move as Canadiens GM is a Move He Never Even Made

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