Pierre LeBrun Confirms the Timeline for a Jake Allen Trade

Aaron Itovitch
December 23, 2023  (7:30 PM)

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Many fans were hoping that the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, would finally announce a resolution regarding the goaltender situation before the NHL trade freeze in effect since December 20th.

Unfortunately, to the great dismay of fans, the Canadiens did not take this opportunity to conclude a trade, forcing Martin St-Louis to keep three goalies in his lineup when the team resumes action on December 28th. However, the recent performances of Cayden Primeau are really encouraging, suggesting that the young American goalie could take over the role of number two goalie.
In the last few hours, the excellent Pierre LeBrun revealed major information concerning trade negotiations involving veteran Jake Allen. He mentioned that several teams, such as the Hurricanes, the Devils, and the Oilers, have already contacted Kent Hughes to know the price for acquiring number 34. Moreover, he added that these discussions are expected to resume when the transaction freeze officially ends.
"Some teams have let the Canadiens know they will return to Jake Allen after the holiday season to continue discussions regarding a potential trade.

It will be interesting to see if the Carolina Hurricanes, New Jersey Devils, and Edmonton Oilers will contact Kent Hughes again next month. Moreover, I am convinced they have all already called the Canadiens since the beginning of the season, and I have reason to believe that the Hurricanes' GM recently talked with Kent Hughes about a possible transaction." - Pierre LeBrun

Wow! There would be several General Managers interested in acquiring Jake Allen, which is surely excellent news for the Canadiens. Furthermore, according to Pierre LeBrun, it wouldn't be surprising if negotiations intensify at the end of December, potentially signaling the end of the three-goalie situation in Montreal.
The insider also indicated that the Devils and the Hurricanes, who clearly have not had the start of the season they expected, could come back strong in this matter. Knowing that both teams need to quickly find their way back to victory, Kent Hughes could benefit from this situation to drive up the bidding and thus receive an even more interesting return.
"The situation between the Devils and the Hurricanes is interesting because they are both fighting in the standings, who were expected to be Stanley Cup contenders before the season began but have had problems with their goaltenders. I wonder if Montreal could drive up the bidding between the two teams." - Pierre LeBrun

Certainly, it's high time that the Canadiens' GM resolves this issue, but everything indicates that a final verdict could be announced very soon. Do you think the Canadiens will be able to obtain at least a second-round pick for their 33-year-old goaltender?
Pierre LeBrun Confirms the Timeline for a Jake Allen Trade

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