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Massive Offer Handed to the Arizona Coyotes: Is This Finally the End?

Published February 8, 2024 at 7:54

In the last few hours, numerous developments regarding a potential sale of the Coyotes have emerged through several observers such as Frank Seravalli and Elliotte Friedman.

Clearly, something significant is happening behind the scenes of the NHL. We can potentially expect an official announcement very soon.

Moreover, David Pagnotta recently mentioned a major piece of information, indicating that a very large offer is already on the table to buy the team and relocate it elsewhere.

«I'm told the Coyotes had quite the offer on the table for the club, with relocation in mind as the plan.

It's still premature (maybe?).

But I'm updating this situation, as well as the updates on Utah and Atlanta expansion [be ready it's coming]!» - David Pagnotta

He also confirmed that this information came from two very credible sources, adding that the submitted offer exceeded the real value of the organization.

«According to two different and reliable sources, Smith would have even proposed to buy the Coyotes for a significant amount, well beyond the current valuations of Forbes and Sportico for the Coyotes, and he would be ready to cover the moving expenses in addition.

Whether this offer is formally written or expressed is semantics, but the overall price of this offer would be lower than the expansion fees.»

Wow! This is huge!

Everything suggests that the Coyotes' days in Arizona are numbered. The team could very well move to another city for the 2024-2025 season. This will undoubtedly be a situation to closely follow in the coming days.

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Massive Offer Handed to the Arizona Coyotes: Is This Finally the End?

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