Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart, Calgary Flames forward Dillon Dube, and New Jersey Devils centre Michael McLeod
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The Fate of the Five Guilty Players From the 2018 Team Canada Scandal Revealed by Lawyer

Published January 31, 2024 at 3:49 PM

In recent days, the scandal involving members of the 2018 Team Canada junior team has been causing a lot of buzz throughout the NHL. Indeed, although the London police's investigation took a long time before formal charges were filed, this case is now moving extremely fast.

In the last few hours, a new development has occurred regarding the careers of the five individuals in question, specifically their future in the NHL. Given that the NHL has not yet commented on the situation or even sanctioned the involved players, some are wondering if they will eventually be able to return to play.

However, according to legal expert Eric Macramalla, don't expect to see them on an NHL rink anytime soon. He is convinced that these players, who have temporarily left their teams, will not return to play in the NHL before the start of the trial.

He also adds that once this case is officially resolved, Commissioner Gary Bettman will deliver a final verdict, which could include sanctioning the guilty players.

"Don't expect Carter Hart, Michael McLeod, Dillon Dube, and Cal Foote to return to the NHL after being charged. The NHL will probably put them on paid leave pending the case's decision. Depending on how the case is resolved, the NHL could then discipline the players."

- Eric Macramalla, legal expert

Moreover, according to journalist Rick Westhead, who is doing exceptional work in demystifying this entire story, Carter Hart, Alex Formenton, Cal Foote, Michael McLeod, and Dillon Dube may have to wait a while before facing justice.

Indeed, after discussing with several lawyers usually involved in such cases, the consensus is that it would be very surprising for a trial to start before 2026.

This means that the five players mentioned earlier will not be back in the league before the 2026-2027 season. Furthermore, if the players are officially guilty of the serious charges they face, a final decision from Gary Bettman is awaited, but everything suggests that they might have already played their last game in the NHL.

Personally, if I were in the position of the leaders, the five involved players would be banned for life! The nature of their actions is simply unforgivable, and they do not deserve to play again in the league.

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The Fate of the Five Guilty Players From the 2018 Team Canada Scandal Revealed by Lawyer

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