Eric Engels Drops a Massive Bombshell on the Next Superstar in Montreal

Aaron Itovitch
January 31, 2024  (1:06 PM)

Top 2024 NHL Draft eligible prospect Ivan Demidov and the Montreal Canadiens logo
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Many Montreal fans hope to see Kent Hughes use his first-round pick to select a top forward or acquire an offensive player through a trade.

After all, if the Canadiens have many talented defensemen, it seems they lack some elements in the front to finally allow Martin St-Louis's men to take a step forward and officially become a team contending for top honors.
Moreover, although this year's top-10 draft is filled with very interesting young defensemen, forwards Ivan Demidov, Cole Eiserman, and Cayden Lindstrom are attracting a lot of attention and could represent excellent options for the CH's management team.
Personally, I would really like to see the Tricolore add the Russian forward to its lineup, who is simply dominant in the MHL, currently. Indeed, Demidov has accumulated 8 goals and 9 assists (17 points) in his last five games, bringing his total to 45 points in 23 games.
His statistics are simply staggering for an 18-year-old!
In comparison, Nikita Kucherov had amassed 58 points in 41 games in his draft year, which equates to an average of 1.41 points per game. There is no doubt that this statistic is greatly impressive, but Demidov is dangerously approaching 2 points per game, demonstrating the full extent of his offensive skills.
Some experts even go so far as to say that the future first-round pick will be better than the Russian prodigy, Matvei Michkov, who was selected 7th by the Flyers in 2023.
However, some fans fear that the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge will not select the SKA forward because of his nationality, as was notably the case for Michkov last season. However, in the last few hours, journalist Eric Engels confirmed major information by confirming that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will certainly consider Ivan Demidov if he is still available.
"Might as well finish where we started, with questions about choosing a forward in the draft.

I have no doubt that the Canadiens will consider Demidov, as well as other interesting forwards who could be available towards the top of the list." - Eric Engels

Wow! What great news!
Let's hope that a few teams ahead of the Canadiens prefer the many defensemen present in the 2024 class, thus giving the CH the opportunity to add a generational talent to its organization.
Ivan Demidov in Montreal, do you believe it?
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Eric Engels Drops a Massive Bombshell on the Next Superstar in Montreal

Other than Macklin Celebrini who would you like the Canadiens to draft?

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