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Slafkovsky traded for Wright? Insider confirms what would happen

Published December 24, 2023 at 1:41 PM

Last night's games officially marked the start of the Holiday season, with the teams in the NHL resuming action from December 27th. In this quieter period in the NHL, the excellent Chris Johnston answered some fan questions, including one involving none other than Juraj Slafkovsky and Shane Wright.

Indeed, a fan wanted to know if the Montreal Canadiens would agree to send Juraj Slafkovsky to the Seattle Kraken to acquire Shane Wright, who was widely seen as the fan favorite at the time of the Slovak forward's selection two years ago.

Here is Chris Johnston's response to this question:


"This one was cheeeeeky. The player Montreal drafted first overall in 2022 for one of those it passed over to do so. Ultimately, I think it's the
Canadiens that say no to this proposed deal. Slafkovský has obviously faced a steep learning curve early in his NHL career, but I've never sensed any buyer's remorse among Montreal's management about that pick. They still believe in his talent and are feeling encouraged by his
recent performance." - Chris Johnston, via The Athletic

However, while many people would probably have made this transaction on July 7, 2022, the narrative has completely changed since the draft. Juraj Slafkovsky has experienced rapid progression this season and seems on the way to becoming the ideal line mate for Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, who are currently developing a very interesting chemistry.

As for Shane Wright, the Burlington, Ontario native forward has only played 11 NHL games since his selection, collecting a modest total of one goal and one assist. He has mostly spent his time in the American League with the Coachella Valley Firebirds, amassing 15 goals and 16 assists (31 points) in 56 regular season and playoff games.

Obviously, the chances of such a trade actually occurring are simply non-existent, but it's still enjoyable to hear an expert's opinion on the subject. Although some doubted at the time, everything now suggests that the Canadiens' top brass drafted the best forward of the 2022 class.

And you, would you agree to trade Juraj Slafkovsky for Shane Wright?

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Slafkovsky traded for Wright? Insider confirms what would happen

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