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Official Announcement From Police on the 2018 World Juniors Scandal

Published January 24, 2024 at 7:38 PM

In the last few minutes, another major development concerning the infamous scandal involving five players from the 2018 Team Canada Junior has emerged.

Indeed, the London police have just confirmed that they will hold a press conference on February 5th to provide updates on this nebulous story that is attracting a lot of attention today.

It promises to be extremely interesting as several crucial pieces of information may potentially be revealed.

"We understand that an investigation dating back to 2018 is generating significant public interest. We plan to hold a press conference on Monday, February 5, 2024, to share more details." - London Police Service

So we'll have to wait another two weeks for some answers, but all indications are that a resolution will finally be announced.

It is worth noting that this morning, the Globe and Mail published an article stating that five members of Team Canada Junior are soon to report to the London police to face very serious charges.

"Five members of the 2018 World Junior Hockey team have been summoned to the London, Ontario, police to face very serious charges, reports the Globe and Mail, citing anonymous sources.

The Globe reports that the players, who have not yet been charged, have been given a specific deadline to present themselves at the London police headquarters." - Rick Westhead

Rest assured, we will bring you all the details and developments related to this press conference.

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Official Announcement From Police on the 2018 World Juniors Scandal

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