Calgary Flames forward Adam Ruzicka
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Kent Hughes Likely to Make Waiver Claim: 6-foot-4 Centre Available for Free

Published January 24, 2024 at 4:34 PM

In the last few minutes, an unexpected announcement was confirmed by analyst Chris Johnston. Indeed, the Calgary Flames have placed players Nick DeSimone and Adam Ruzicka on NHL waivers, making them available to all teams in the Bettman circuit.

«Players placed on waivers today: Nick DeSimone (CGY) and Adam Ruzicka (CGY).» - Chris Johnston

While the 29-year-old defenseman, Nick DeSimone, has mostly played in the American League since starting his professional career, the case of Adam Ruzicka is quite interesting.

The Flames' fourth-round pick in 2017 is a 6'4", 215-pound center who, despite some difficulties this season, has attractive potential. He was particularly excellent last year with an impressive haul of 6 goals and 14 assists (20 points) in 44 games, while playing mainly on the third and fourth lines.

Knowing that the Montreal Canadiens currently have only three centers in their lineup, he could represent an attractive option to fill a spot in Martin St-Louis' lineup. After last night's disaster, there is no doubt that the Canadiens cannot afford to have only three centers for an extended period.

«Adam Ruzicka has just been put on waivers by the Flames.

A 6'4", 215-pound center, 24 years old, who has collected 40 points in 114 NHL games.

A savior for the #CH? No.

A guy who can help at center in the short term? Probably!» - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin


The tandem of Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes have not yet claimed a player off waivers this season, and they currently hold one of the first picks for a potential claim.

Knowing that Mitchell Stephens and Lias Andersson are potentially the only two players who can bring reinforcements to the center position, acquiring Adam Ruzicka would make sense, especially if the Montreal brass decides to trade veterans like Sean Monahan and Tanner Pearson.

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Kent Hughes Likely to Make Waiver Claim: 6-foot-4 Centre Available for Free

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