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The Steal of the 2020 Draft: The Montreal Canadiens are Now Confirmed to Be the Winners, Per an Expert

Published December 17, 2023 at 8:40 PM

Revisiting past NHL drafts is always an interesting exercise, providing a chance to evaluate how well teams did in selecting their prospects. The 2020 NHL Draft is shaping up to be a strong one, and there's already talk about how the order might look if it were redone today.

The top 10 picks of the 2020 draft were indeed talented, with most of them already playing in the NHL or having seen some NHL action. No major missteps seem apparent among the first 10 picks. Mathias Brunet's comments on BPM Sports 91.9 FM are particularly intriguing for Montreal Canadiens fans.

"For me, center and defenseman are more important than a winger. I would take Kaiden Guhle third." - Mathias Brunet

Brunet's revised top 7 would be:

1. Tim Stutzle (OTT)
2. Jake Sanderson (OTT)
3. Kaiden Guhle (MTL)
4. Quinton Byfield (LAK)
5. Cole Perfetti (WIN)
6. Lucas Raymond (DET)
7. Alexis Lafrenière (NYR)

Do you agree with Brunet's selection order? Redoing drafts is always a fun debate, often enjoyed with friends and a beer or two. Here's my take on a redone top 10 of the 2020 draft:

1. Tim Stutzle (OTT) – 3rd originally
2. Quinton Byfield (LAK) – 2nd originally
3. Jake Sanderson (OTT) – 5th originally
4. Kaiden Guhle (MTL) – 16th originally
5. Lucas Raymond (DET) – 4th originally
6. Cole Perfetti (WIN) – 10th originally
7. Dawson Mercer (NJD) – 18th originally
8. Alexis Lafrenière (NYR) – 1st originally
9. Seth Jarvis (CAR) – 13th originally
10. Anton Lundell (FLO) – 12th originally

The Canadiens definitely struck gold with Kaiden Guhle at 16th overall. He's rapidly establishing himself as a top-4 defenseman for Montreal. His potential seems nearly limitless, with some comparing him to Alex Pietrangelo, a flattering comparison indeed.

Guhle's leadership qualities are increasingly recognized, and he's expected to become even more dominant over the years.

What would your top 10 look like? Let's discuss it, just for fun, over a beer!

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The Steal of the 2020 Draft: The Montreal Canadiens are Now Confirmed to Be the Winners, Per an Expert

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