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William Nylander With the Montreal Canadiens? An Expert Has Insisted That it is More Likely Than Ever

Published December 17, 2023 at 4:01 PM

The Montreal Canadiens have indeed been lacking in offensive firepower this season, and the quest for a top-tier forward has been ongoing for years. The idea of acquiring William Nylander in free agency this summer could be a strategic move for GM Kent Hughes, potentially addressing this need.

The suggestion of targeting Nylander isn't new; his name has been circulating for months as a possible solution to the Canadiens' offensive struggles. Mathias Brunet, during his appearance on "Le Retour des sportifs" on BPM Sports 91.9 FM, also sees Nylander as a fitting addition to the Canadiens.

"I think he's the kind of player the Canadiens will be looking at, because next year, in year three of the rebuild, we'll want reinforcement, and there's a missing piece in the attack." - Mathias Brunet

Adding Nylander would provide an immediate boost to the Canadiens' offense. His presence could alleviate the defensive pressure on Cole Caufield and offer more flexibility for Martin St-Louis in line formation. With Nylander, the Canadiens could address several issues in one move.

Let's imagine Nylander joining the Canadiens. Here's how the lines could look next season:

Roy – Suzuki – Nylander
Slafkovsky – Dach – Caufield
Gallagher – Newhook – Anderson
Harvey-Pinard – Evans – Heineman

The first line would feature two intelligent hockey players in Roy and Suzuki, who could feed Nylander effectively. The second line would have two physically imposing players to create space for Caufield. Gallagher and Anderson, assuming their contracts are untradeable, would fit on the third line. The fourth line is open for suggestions! This analysis assumes that Kent Hughes will trade Monahan, Pearson, and Dvorak at the trade deadline.

While signing Nylander wouldn't solve all of Montreal's problems or make them instant Stanley Cup contenders, it would be a significant step in the right direction.

To view Mathias Brunet's intervention on BPM Sports, click here.
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William Nylander With the Montreal Canadiens? An Expert Has Insisted That it is More Likely Than Ever

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