Shocking Turnaround Regarding the Future of the Quebec Nordiques

Published December 11, 2023 at 11:55

During the last week, the NHL governors met in Seattle to discuss several hot topics with the league's top executives.

A major announcement was made: the salary cap will increase by more than 4 million dollars in anticipation of the next season. This increase was highly anticipated after years of stagnation due to the pandemic.

Among the points addressed, discussions also took place regarding a possible expansion of the National Hockey League.

According to information from insider Pierre LeBrun, Gary Bettman and the NHL are considering adding up to four teams in the long term, thus bringing the total to 36 franchises.

Given the significant number of potential new franchises and the need for additional teams for each conference, four destinations already seem to stand out.

According to LeBrun, Salt Lake City, Houston, and Atlanta are at the top of the list, as well as the city of Québec. Wow!

However, the commissioner clarified that no expansion is planned in the short term and that no expansion plan is currently on the table. This strategy is familiar to Bettman, aiming to stimulate the value of future franchises.

According to backstage speculations, the cost for these new teams could be close to a billion dollars, a remarkable figure when considering that the Vegas Golden Knights paid 500 million dollars to the NHL in 2017 for their franchise.

Will potential investors in Québec have the financial means to spend a billion dollars for the arrival of a new team?

At least, the arena is already built, which could be a saving after purchasing the rights from the NHL.
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Shocking Turnaround Regarding the Future of the Quebec Nordiques

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