Two Blackhawks Veterans Get Brutally Honest About Corey Perry's Termination

Published December 11, 2023 at 10:45

A major file has hammered NHL news over the past month, namely the famous controversy involving the former Montreal Canadiens forward, Corey Perry. Indeed, the Chicago Blackhawks organization had no choice but to terminate his contract after he violated certain team regulations.

Moreover, in the last few hours, two veterans of the team, Nick Foligno and Connor Murphy, finally agreed to break the silence, commenting on the situation for the very first time. Both men quickly admitted that the departure of number 94 was a big loss for the organization, as he was greatly appreciated by his teammates.

"I've been here a long time, I'm comfortable with the staff and the team, and I know everything we've been through as an organization and it's not always easy. I'm familiar here and all the better if I can help anyone who is uncomfortable or seems to be trying to find their way in a new organization. Corey was really good at that too, guiding us and making us really comfortable here." - Connor Murphy

Assistant captain Nick Foligno echoed this sentiment, saying that Corey Perry is greatly missed by the current team, adding that the veteran had brought incredible energy during his short stay with the Blackhawks.

"There was a lull during this road trip when the dust settled and we realized that [Corey] really wasn't coming back. The energy he had brought was missing and everyone felt it. It was obvious. We mourn this loss, and then we realize and say to ourselves, 'Alright, it doesn't change, he's not coming back, so what are we going to do to get his energy back?' We realized that other guys had to step up their efforts. A young player is more willing to speak out and more comfortable in a family environment and that's what we want to establish here. We can then talk more with them about their lives. Small things come out of these dinners that help build bonds." - Nick Foligno

Wow! Hearing such statements, it's understandable that the 38-year-old forward played a very important role in the locker room, having clearly left his mark during his 16 games played with Chicago.

Now without a contract, Corey Perry is free to sign a deal with any team in the Bettman circuit. However, it wouldn't be surprising if several general managers want to learn more about the incident in question before making him a concrete offer.

One thing is for sure, this will be a file to watch!

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Two Blackhawks Veterans Get Brutally Honest About Corey Perry's Termination

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