John Tortorella makes comments on Martin St-Louis

Aaron Itovitch
March 28, 2024  (6:02 PM)

Philadelphia Flyers head coach Martin St-Louis
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The situation surrounding the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, Martin St-Louis, who left the team's surroundings to return to the United States to take care of his youngest son, Mason, has been widely discussed in recent days.

If some believed that this situation only made headlines in Montreal, think again, many people across the NHL were indeed aware of this sad story.
Indeed, on the sidelines of the game against the Philadelphia Flyers, the head coach of the American team, John Tortorella, made a completely unexpected statement, mentioning that he had been in contact with Martin St-Louis throughout this affair to ensure that his son Mason was doing well.
«It's always a pleasure to see him. I'm very happy for Mason and his family and for how things have calmed down a bit. I spoke to Marty throughout the incident, and I'm very happy that his family is doing well.» - John Tortorella on Martin St-Louis

Wow! Although he is known for his fiery character, this statement says a lot about the true personality of John Tortorella.
Moreover, the head coach of the Flyers was very complimentary towards his counterpart, stating that Martin St-Louis has one of the most interesting minds in the NHL regarding hockey. He added that he was convinced that the Canadiens were in good hands with a coach like the Quebecer.
«He's going to be such a good head coach. I think he has one of the most interesting minds when it comes to hockey. He can't give all his thoughts to his team because he has a lot on his mind but he's going to be great, you're in good hands here.» - John Tortorella on Martin St-Louis

It's very encouraging to hear such comments, especially when they come from a veteran NHL coach like John Tortorella, who knows the «game» very well.
Equipped with an excellent head coach and interesting depth in terms of talented young players, the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge seems to be finally heading in the right direction, suggesting that the future looks much more promising for the Montreal organization.
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John Tortorella makes comments on Martin St-Louis

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