Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis and his family
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Uncertainty emerges for Martin St-Louis' future with the Canadiens

Published March 28, 2024 at 11:45

Now back in the fold of the team and behind the bench of the Montreal Canadiens, head coach Martin St-Louis can finally return to some semblance of normal life after going through a difficult period with his son Mason.

However, this new daily routine that the Quebec coach has been launched into since his hiring by the organization is far from an easy task. In a recent article published on the BPM Sports website, Réjean Tremblay highlighted the many sacrifices Martin St-Louis must make, notably raising some uncertainties regarding his future with the Canadiens.

While his family currently lives in Connecticut, Martin St-Louis is obligated to be away from his wife and children for nearly 10 months a year, with a few exceptions. We tend to forget, but by accepting the position of head coach, the former Tampa Bay Lightning forward had to make the heart-wrenching decision to live away from his family home.

Although he is a true enthusiast, who seems to love his new position within the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, this reality comes with its share of complications.

"Have you realized that Martin St-Louis has been living in Montreal for three years and that his three boys, teenagers during the first season, and his wife live in the family home in Connecticut?

Have you realized that Martin St-Louis is separated from his family and wife for ten months a year? Apart from Christmas, apart from the All-Star week, and apart from a few days snatched here and there.

On Saturday night, Martin St-Louis is behind the CH bench. During the week, when he's on the road, if his wife or one of his boys calls him, he's often having dinner with one or more of his assistants. Or with Chantal Machabée or a member of the organization." - Réjean Tremblay

Honestly, this column quickly puts things into perspective and allows us to understand how lucky we are to have a head coach as dedicated as Martin St-Louis. As Réjean Tremblay aptly points out, the Montreal Canadiens and the team's fans cannot take this for granted.

We are so fortunate to have him behind the Canadiens' bench, where he does an outstanding job with the team's young players. However, there may come a time when Martin St-Louis will question his situation, especially if the team continues to have difficult seasons.

During the press conference following his return to the team, the Quebecer clearly stated that his family will always come before hockey. We can't imagine the extent of the repercussions he faces as Martin St-Louis, a father of three children, only sees his sons and wife through FaceTime calls for the majority of the year.

Sincerely, even if a contract extension seems on the horizon for the head coach, we must ask ourselves: for how long will Martin St-Louis be willing to make such sacrifices to help the Montreal Canadiens win matches?

"As long as Martin St-Louis judges that it's worth depriving himself of his world for ten months a year, he will be coach of the Canadiens. But we should take nothing for granted." - Réjean Tremblay

It's easy to see only the good side of things, but this article by Réjean Tremblay really puts things into perspective. We are truly lucky to have a head coach as dedicated as Martin St-Louis, and we must savor every moment he spends behind the team's bench.
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Uncertainty emerges for Martin St-Louis' future with the Canadiens

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