Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis and his family
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The Terrifying Real Reason Martin St-Louis Left the Canadiens Has Been Revealed

Published March 21, 2024 at 11:50

The topic of the moment for the Montreal Canadiens is undoubtedly the sudden departure of Martin St-Louis, who officially left the team's entourage for an unspecified duration to join his family in the United States.

Naturally, this situation raised numerous questions among fans regarding the real reason behind this completely unexpected decision. Aside from comments made by David Savard, who mentioned that a situation involving one of his sons was the cause of his departure, little reliable information had been revealed.

However, in the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast, Maxime Truman made a major revelation, indicating that part of the truth had been publicly disclosed. He did not wish to elaborate further as he wanted to respect the privacy of Martin St-Louis and his son Mason, but we were still able to obtain some very interesting details.

"What I'm going to tell you is that if you're a big boy or a big girl, and you write - Mason Scary Collision - on Twitter, you're going to find out why Martin St-Louis isn't there. [...]

A part of the reason for Martin St-Louis's absence is public." - Maxime Truman

By doing some research on the web, we managed to find the post that Maxime Truman referred to in his podcast. It's a tweet published by the official account of Mason's team, Mid Fairfield, during the last game played by the youngest St-Louis family member.

Hard fought 7-3 win vs SPA. Hard to be happy as our friend and teammate Mason left the game in the 3rd after a scary collision. Good news is he's going to be okay but it takes an emotional toll. Have to do our best to re-focus and get ready for a battle tomorrow vs MSC at 8am.

Therefore, the reason behind Martin St-Louis's hasty departure would be due to an injury suffered by his son, Mason, in a recent game. However, knowing that the post dates from March 8 and that the head coach of the Canadiens handed over his duties to Trevor Letowski on March 16, it is legitimate to wonder if Mason experienced some complications following this injury in the last few days.

This revelation will certainly put an end to the various rumors that were circulating on social media recently. Most importantly, we hope that Martin's son is doing well and that he will be able to return to play soon.

Here is the official post:

We strongly encourage you to listen to the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast in which many interesting details are revealed about what is happening behind the scenes of the organization.

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The Terrifying Real Reason Martin St-Louis Left the Canadiens Has Been Revealed

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