Montreal Canadiens' Martin St. Louis.
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Major Revelation Emerges on Martin St-Louis' Departure

Published March 20, 2024 at 8:08 PM

To the great surprise of many fans, the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, admitted on Monday that he has still not contacted Martin St-Louis following his sudden departure to the United States, also adding that he has no idea when he might fully resume his duties as head coach.

Naturally, this statement has raised concerns among fans, particularly alarming some observers about the potential return of the Quebec native. To this effect, Journal de Montréal journalist Jonathan Bernier has specifically suggested the possibility that Martin St-Louis might stay away from the team until the end of the current campaign.

Moreover, now that Martin St-Louis currently has to take care of his family due to a situation involving one of his sons, Trevor Letowski is the trusted man at the Canadiens. However, Jonathan Bernier has noticed a major difference in the way the two coaches teach their methods during training sessions.

According to the journalist, the intensity that MSL deployed during practices is almost non-existent under Trevor Letowski, who is much less involved than his counterpart in the exercises.

After all, having had the opportunity to witness certain sequences during training sessions, one can quickly understand why the energy displayed by St-Louis is not matched by Letowski, as Martin is accustomed to being constantly engaged in the "drills" he sets up for his players.

"Attending a Canadiens training session without the verve and dynamism of Martin St-Louis is peculiar when we've been accustomed to his pace and vigor for two years. Although equally qualified, let's just say Trevor Letowski does not deploy the same intensity." - Jonathan Bernier

It will be interesting to see how long this situation persists since, for now, the most important thing remains the health of the St-Louis family. It is important for the head coach to take the necessary time to look after the well-being of his children before eventually considering a return to the team.

If Trevor Letowski offers a calmer training style than Martin St-Louis, it will be up to the players to step up by doubling their efforts to ensure they are ready to face their next opponents. This will be a significant challenge for the group who, despite the magnitude of the situation, can benefit from these circumstances to grow and improve their mental strength.

For sure, although the style practiced by Trevor Letowski is completely different from that advocated by Martin St-Louis, the Montreal Canadiens have demonstrated that they can achieve good performances. Even without the contribution of their main head coach, the players have played very well against an NHL powerhouse, as evidenced by the 3-2 overtime loss last night.

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Major Revelation Emerges on Martin St-Louis' Departure

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