The rumor is confirmed for Samuel Montembeault and his girlfriend

Mike Bouchard
June 3, 2024  (7:13)

Sam Montembeault
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The Montreal Canadiens recently shared a captivating article about Samuel Montembeault and his girlfriend, Daryanne Ayotte, offering intimate details about their relationship and the life of the goaltender.

Daryanne recounted their first meeting at the Festival du blé d'Inde in Saint-Célestin and how their relationship evolved.
She described Samuel as someone charming, always smiling, and reassuring.
"How did you meet?

We met at the Festival du blé d'Inde in Saint-Célestin. With one of my friends, we were going to meet her boyfriend at the time, and Samuel was there. The next day, I received a message asking if it was really me, the girl from the previous night, and I replied, "Yes, who is this?" because I had no idea who it was. When I found out he was a hockey player, it took a little time before I accepted a date, but after that, we never separated." - Daryanne Ayotte

His generosity and big heart are standout traits of his personality. Daryanne also revealed a funny anecdote about their home, where chips are a must-have, and mentioned a special reward for each game won.
"What first attracted you to him?

His little charm. He loves to laugh so much; he is always smiling. Life is always beautiful with him; there is never a problem. If something happens, he is the one who calms me down and says, "It's okay, we'll fix it." So, I think that's what made me fall for him.

What is his greatest quality?

He is someone extremely generous in any aspect of his life: whether it's his time or in love, he is someone with a huge heart.

What is the favorite snack at the house of the one nicknamed Snacks?

We always have a bag of chips. It's part of the family; everyone eats them at his place [laughs]. And this year, we agreed that for every game he wins, he gets the dessert of his choice." - Daryanne Ayotte, via the Montreal Canadiens' website

These revelations show that, despite his growing popularity, Montembeault remains a simple and endearing person, making him a valuable asset for the Montreal Canadiens.
Credit: La conjointe de Samuel Montembeault vient de confirmer la rumeur
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The rumor is confirmed for Samuel Montembeault and his girlfriend

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