Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis and His Family
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Maxime Truman Exposes Canadiens Journalists for Behaviour on the Martin St-Louis Story

Published March 21, 2024 at 4:32 PM

Since the Montreal Canadiens announced that Martin St-Louis had officially left the team for family reasons, it has been a viral story.

Although David Savard somewhat provided an answer by indicating that a situation involving one of his sons had occurred, we finally received a more detailed explanation thanks to remarks made by Maxime Truman during the last episode of the Stanley25 podcast.

Indeed, the podcast host revealed that Mason's team, the Mid Fairfield 08s, had made an official post to provide additional information about the youngest member of the St-Louis family, thus putting an end to the many rumors that had been circulating in recent days.

For those who want all the details, it's right here:

However, shortly after providing his explanations, Maxime Truman expressed some indignation at the behavior of certain journalists. While traditional media lamented the fact that many fans wanted answers, these same journalists contacted Truman to know the real reason behind Martin St-Louis's sudden departure.

"It's crazy the people who text me to know the truth, the reason for Martin St-Louis's absence, and who are the same people who then play the pure ones on social networks and say that it doesn't interest them (to know the reason), and that we shouldn't be interested in it...

But in private, you are about fifteen (who are in the media world) who called me or texted me (journalists, hosts, columnists, etc.).

I just want us to stop with that.

If the reason for the absence of the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, who is one of the three most covered people in our media every year, who is loved (Martin St-Louis is adored in Montreal and Quebec) [...], if it doesn't interest you, you are really the exception.

What you do with your curiosity is another story. But it's not true that people aren't interested." - Maxime Truman

Honestly, we completely agree with these remarks. It's absolutely normal for fans to want to know what's really happening with our head coach, who is greatly appreciated by Quebec fans.

However, it's rather surprising to see that journalists, those who loudly proclaimed in public that it was unacceptable to talk about Martin St-Louis's private life, are the ones who wrote privately to Maxime Truman to get answers to this story.

Sometimes, actions need to follow words...

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Maxime Truman Exposes Canadiens Journalists for Behaviour on the Martin St-Louis Story

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