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Brendan Gallagher Breaks the Silence on His Mother's Tragic Cancer Diagnosis

Published March 16, 2024 at 4:07 PM

We discussed it over the last few days, but unfortunately, some terrible news has recently struck the family of Brendan Gallagher.

Indeed, the mother of the Canadiens forward, Stella, is sadly afflicted with brain cancer. Specifically, she has been suffering from glioblastoma for two years now, a serious tumor that multiplies rapidly and is completely unpredictable.

Although the number 11 of the Canadiens has never openly talked about his mother's condition, we can easily imagine that he is currently going through a really difficult time. It's hard to understand how he can, night after night, give his 110% on the ice, despite this dreadful news.

Like us, CH players are human beings affected by difficult situations in their own lives.

We want to send him positive thoughts and we sincerely hope that Della Gallagher will eventually get better and potentially beat her cancer!

However, if the player from the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge mainly relied on the support of his fiancée and family to get through this terrible stage, he has nevertheless agreed to talk about the situation with journalist Stu Cowan. The assistant captain confessed that he had experienced a lot of difficulties, but that the support of his loved one had greatly helped him.

"I sometimes had difficulties. Especially the first year, there were really difficult times.

I think having Emma (my fiancée) at home is very important to me because I can talk to her. Especially when we're away from family, we call as much as possible, but it has been really hard." - Brendan Gallagher

Note that his younger sister, Bree Gallagher, has added a link in her Instagram bio to raise funds to support brain cancer research. If the initial goal was only $2,000, Bree has now raised an impressive total of $12,000.

We strongly encourage you to donate if you are able to do so. You can click here to support Brendan Gallagher, his family, and all the people who have to live with this disastrous disease.

Our thoughts are with Brendan Gallagher during these difficult times!

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Brendan Gallagher Breaks the Silence on His Mother's Tragic Cancer Diagnosis


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