Montreal Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki at the NHL All-Star Game
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Nick Suzuki Put Into Tough Spot After Disgusting Question From Journalist

Published February 3, 2024 at 9:23

As the All-Star Game festivities continue, a very surprising and awkward scene occurred live from a press conference involving Nick Suzuki.

After several light-hearted questions that contributed to the fun atmosphere of the weekend, a question asked to the captain greatly surprised everyone, including the other journalists present.

"He was asked a question about the toxic culture among hockey players, in connection with the scandal involving the 2018 edition of Team Canada juniors." - William Nadeau

Caught off guard, Suzuki still responded by mentioning that he did not know the whole story. However, he mentioned that it is not fair to generalize the world of hockey based on what happened in 2018.

"There are a lot of good guys and good people in the NHL... It's a difficult situation and a terrible event, but it cannot cast a big dark cloud over a whole large category of people. I feel really bad..." - Nick Suzuki

We would like to clarify that this question deserves to be asked and analyzed thoroughly by everyone involved in hockey.

However, the timing may not have been ideal during the All-Star Game festivities, and clearly, the CH's number 14 was not prepared for this situation.

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Nick Suzuki Put Into Tough Spot After Disgusting Question From Journalist

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