Montreal Canadiens forward Juraj Slafkovsky practicing his shot
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Incredible Scene Involving Juraj Slafkovsky: He is Truly One of a Kind

Published January 9, 2024 at 1:02 PM

In life, effort greatly dictates an individual's career. If one uses all the means at their disposal to achieve success, normally, they end up reaping the benefits.

This is an even more evident reality in the world of sports where practice is the main engine for the development of an athlete. Of course, talent plays a crucial role and distinguishes the best in their respective discipline.

Juraj Slafkovsky certainly possesses the talent needed to become a hockey star, having been selected first in his draft class. He has a physical advantage as a player, excellent skating skills, and remarkable mobility for his size, in addition to having a remarkable sense of the game.

However, the key element that could make the biggest difference in his journey towards excellence is his constant desire to improve. We had another excellent demonstration of this after the Canadiens' practice today.

More than 35 minutes after his teammates left the ice, the 19-year-old Slovak continued to practice with the Tricolore's shooting coach, Glen «Dr. Shot» Tucker.

Although he already possesses an excellent shot that he unfortunately does not yet use enough during games, Slafkovsky is constantly striving to improve this aspect of his game in recent weeks. He pays a lot of attention to this aspect.

The young man takes advantage of all the resources available in the organization to perfect his technique and reach the highest level possible.

Work ethic is a quality that cannot be taught. It's when this quality is naturally present in a player that very beautiful things end up happening.

Slaf's future looks very promising with the Canadiens.
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Incredible Scene Involving Juraj Slafkovsky: He is Truly One of a Kind

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