Montreal Canadiens top forward prospect Joshua Roy
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Joshua Roy on Track to Become a Bust? A Worrying Statement Has Emerged

Published January 9, 2024 at 8:50

With the infirmary adding another player with a major injury in Christian Dvorak, who also ends his season, many speculations have surfaced about the possibility of seeing a player being called up to Montreal.

It was finally Emil Heineman who got the chance to come play at the Bell Centre last Saturday, against the New York Rangers. It's the 22-year-old Swede's second stint with the team this year.

Besides Heineman, the name of Joshua Roy was also raised to come lend a hand to the big club.

Despite highs and lows in his first professional season, a perfectly normal progression for a 20-year-old player, Roy is still having an interesting offensive season, with a harvest of 27 points in 32 games, including 10 goals.

He is acclimating to AHL hockey quite well, but it's certain that he still has a lot to learn, especially in terms of involvement and consistency.

In connection with the idea of a potential recall of Roy, the one who describes the Canadiens' games on the radio, Martin McGuire, made a shocking statement about the Quebecer. He does not mince words in mentioning that it would be a flop to call him up now with the little experience he currently has.

"I hear a lot of people calling for players like Joshua Roy to be called up. They're not ready! Do you hear me? They're not ready. If the Canadiens bring these players into the current environment, with the hockey baggage they have at the moment, it's going to be a flop."

– Martin McGuire

Let's just say that McGuire's franchise on his assessment of the situation has caused quite a stir.

However, I must admit that he's not wrong. We need to give him time, because he's not yet ready for the big league. A full season in the AHL will not affect his development, quite the contrary.

Since December, the Rocket has been playing very good hockey, especially since the arrival of Arber Xhekaj. Several important young talents such as Roy, Xhekaj, Logan Mailloux, Sean Farrell, and Riley Kidney, are all benefiting from the team's collective success.

I even see no problem with all these players playing the entire season in Laval, trying to make up for the bad start to the season and climbing back up in the rankings to qualify for the playoffs, in order to play very important matches for their development.

With eight wins and two losses in their last 10 games, Jean-François Houle's team is making progress and it's all the youngsters who are benefiting from this profitable situation for their progression.

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Joshua Roy on Track to Become a Bust? A Worrying Statement Has Emerged

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