Montreal Canadiens defenseman prospect Lane Hutson
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Lane Hutson's time in Montreal already over?

Published March 29, 2024 at 11:30

As you know, Montreal Canadiens prospect Lane Hutson is potentially the most anticipated player within the organization in many years.

Indeed, despite being selected 62nd in the 2022 draft, the defenseman has broken numerous records in the American college ranks, demonstrating his enormous potential. Currently, the fans' impatience is quite palpable as he could join the main club as soon as his NCAA season concludes.

His simply astronomical statistics (94 points in 74 games) place him in the same category as several elite NHL defensemen, such as Cale Makar, Adam Fox, and Quinn Hughes. However, despite his exceptional exploits with Boston University, many observers fear he may not establish himself as one of the best offensive defensemen in the NHL, due to his small size and skating.

Nonetheless, despite these concerns, his talent is undeniable, and we are convinced he will become a crucial element in the success of the Montreal Canadiens in the coming years. That's why his arrival in the city is highly anticipated, and the last games of the season could be very exciting.

However, very concerning information was disclosed by Dany Dubé on the air of 98.5 last night. Indeed, according to his information, the entourage of the defenseman is currently pressuring him to end his career in the NCAA, thus allowing him to become a free agent and sign with the team of his choice afterward. This nightmare scenario notably occurred with Adam Fox, who was drafted by the Calgary Flames but never played a single game with the Canadian team.

"Maybe he's being persuaded. What I've heard... There's chatter in his circle. If he doesn't have an offer from the Canadiens by the end of the season, maybe he will stay (at the University) and finish his university studies. And after that, look at his options because after that, he becomes a free agent.

I think so. What I'm told is this: it's to bring him to Montreal right away, it's urgent." - Dany Dubé

Honestly, this is the very first time we've heard such information regarding the hope of the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. However, if a certain part of the remarks mentioned by Dany Dubé is true, Kent Hughes must be aggressive in this case and ensure to offer him an entry-level contract, as soon as the end of the university ranks season, this year.

A major new piece of information surfaces, and it's very encouraging for the CH

Understandably, this information has scared many fans, who absolutely want to see the young 20-year-old defenseman in the Montreal uniform soon. Fortunately, a new detail has just emerged in this matter, and it's very encouraging for the future.

Indeed, TVA Sports journalist Nicolas Cloutier recently had the opportunity to speak with Lane's brother, Cole Hutson. His teammate at BU indicated that he had almost no expectation of playing with his brother at BU next year.

"For those wondering if Lane Hutson could play another season in the NCAA, Cole Hutson had no hope of playing with his brother at BU next year, when I spoke to him.

Take it for what it's worth, but there you go..." - Nicolas Cloutier

Personally, I find it hard to believe Dany Dubé's words while Lane Hutson has repeatedly mentioned that he feels privileged to be part of the Montreal organization and that he is really looking forward to joining Martin St-Louis' team.

One thing is for sure, we will have a definitive answer in the coming days!

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Lane Hutson's time in Montreal already over?

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