Montreal Canadiens defenseman prospect Logan Mailloux
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Update emerges following reports of off-ice issues with Logan Mailloux

Published March 28, 2024 at 8:32 PM

In the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast, Maxime Truman revealed major news about the Montreal Canadiens prospect, Logan Mailloux.

For those who remember, Jean Trudel surprised everyone in a recent episode, indicating that he had exclusive information about the young 20-year-old defenseman. Indeed, according to him, if this famous info became public, Logan Mailloux would be OUT of Montreal, adding that he would not last long within the Tricolore organization.

Moreover, according to information reported later by Maxime Truman, we learned that the 31st overall pick in the 2021 draft had missed some training sessions and team meetings, which surely created internal problems.

While at the beginning of the season, Martin St-Louis had practically confirmed that we would see Logan Mailloux in Montreal this year, these behaviors might explain why the defenseman has still not received a call-up with the big club, despite his excellent offensive season (42 points in 64 games) with the Laval Rocket.

"Someone called me and told me that Logan Mailloux missed some training sessions and some team meetings, and that it caused some internal problems." - Maxime Truman

A piece of information that clearly did not please the team's fans!

Turnaround involving Logan Mailloux announced during the Stanley25 podcast

However, this morning, new information was revealed by Maxime Truman during the Stanley25 podcast. Indeed, according to what he heard from a very reliable source, the CH prospect has completely changed his habits, now being an exemplary teammate while doing everything in his power to realize his dream of playing in the NHL.

"We've been a bit hard on him over the last two weeks, someone (well-informed) called me to say that it's no longer true, or that it's not true...

Recently, I checked and it's true, Logan Mailloux is really a good teammate.

He does what he has to do to achieve his dream of playing in the NHL, and I think it's important to say, to counterbalance.

Yes, he was late to meetings and training sessions, yes he did questionable things at the start of the season, but it seems that things are going very well now for Logan." - Maxime Truman

Wow! What wonderful news!

After all, we must not forget that Logan Mailloux is only 20 years old and it is entirely normal for him to make some mistakes early on. However, it's really encouraging to see that the defenseman has changed his habits and is constantly making efforts to become a better hockey player.

Certainly, we are eager to see him in action with the big club, who could become a crucial member of the organization's future successes.

We strongly invite you to listen to the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast:

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Comportement hors-glace décevant de Logan Mailloux? Volte-face annoncé
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Update emerges following reports of off-ice issues with Logan Mailloux

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