Former Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk
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Shocking statement emerges on Alex Galchenyuk: he was a horrible person long before he was ever shunned from the NHL

Published March 25, 2024 at 2:36 PM

As you know, the former Montreal Canadiens forward, Alex Galchenyuk, found himself at the center of a major controversy just days after signing a contract with the Arizona Coyotes last summer.

Indeed, for those who recall, the Russian forward agreed to a one-year deal with the American team when the free agent market opened. However, merely 12 days later, the Arizona Coyotes organization decided to terminate his contract without providing further details about this rather unusual decision.

This incident sparked significant media attention, leading to the revelation of the real reason behind the contract termination. Reports indicated that Alex Galchenyuk had been stopped by the Glendale police while heavily intoxicated.

Furthermore, apparently dissatisfied with his arrest, the former CH number 27 issued several d***h threats to the arresting officers, a story that quickly spread across the internet.

Needless to say, this episode severely damaged the forward's reputation, previously known for questionable behavior and problematic lifestyle habits.

During the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast, David St-Germain, a former manager for the Montreal Canadiens in the 2010s, made a significant statement about the former third overall pick. Without directly addressing the aforementioned saga, he described Galchenyuk as a despicable human being who was widely disliked within the organization.

«He [Alex Galchenyuk] was hated by everyone. The people from the Foundation hated him. He was a detestable human being, from all points of view.» - David St-Germain

This revelation offers profound insight into Alex Galchenyuk's character and perhaps explains why he has played for seven different teams over his eleven-season NHL career. It's truly disheartening to witness a former member of the organization squander his career, especially someone with the talent to be a leading NHL player.

Drafted third overall in the 2012 draft, Alex Galchenyuk experienced some high points with the Montreal Canadiens, but his unacceptable attitude ultimately led to the end of his tenure with the team. He now plays for SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL, where he has recorded 16 goals and 26 assists (42 points) in 61 games this season.

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Shocking statement emerges on Alex Galchenyuk: he was a horrible person long before he was ever shunned from the NHL

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