Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price
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Maxim Truman reveals incredible information on Carey Price

Published March 25, 2024 at 11:47

In the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast, Maxim Truman and Jean Trudel had the opportunity to host David St-Germain, a former manager at the Montreal Canadiens, who made some very interesting statements.

He discussed Carey Price and his wife Angela Price's involvement in the Montreal community. It's remembered that the goalie was sometimes criticized by fans because some mentioned that he didn't spend enough time with fans and the various activities organized by the Tricolore.

However, David St-Germain made sure to refute this information, indicating that the Price family was extremely generous towards children. If Carey Price did not talk about his involvement publicly, unlike someone like P.K. Subban, he was still the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge player who spent the most time pleasing the young fans of the team.

A statement that says a lot about who Carey Price was!

«There were players who were really generous (with the fans), but who were more in the shadows. [...] There was one in particular (who was extraordinary with the fans) and it's Carey Price.

Price, there... He's someone who didn't have the knack at all with adults [...], but Carey Price I saw him do beautiful things that I haven't seen any other player do in the 6-7 seasons I've been there. [...]

He wasn't comfortable being with adults he didn't know, but on the other hand, with children, he was extremely generous.

Once (at a certain time), he was answering questions from journalists and he knew that children were waiting for him and [he practically cut off a press conference in front of the media and] went to see them.

He knelt down, started talking to the young fans, and you could see that he was in his element.

You could see in his eyes, that the guy loved taking the time... and he has a way with children! Because children don't have the foolishness that some adults have.» - David St-Germain

It's wonderful to hear such things about the former number 31 of the organization!

Furthermore, he mentioned that Carey Price's wife, Angela, was also very generous with her time, and in financial terms as well. She did not hesitate to get involved in various community activities, always ready to make donations for initiatives set up by the Canadiens.

Clearly, listening to David St-Germain, it's understood that the Price family greatly loved their time in Montreal and were very generous towards the fans.

We highly recommend listening to the latest episode of the Stanley25 podcast:

Credit Habs et LNH: Énorme révélation sur Carey Price et Angela Price venant d'un ancien employé du CH et c'est terminé officiellement pour ceux et celles qui les jugeaient
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Maxim Truman reveals incredible information on Carey Price

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