Top NHL Insider Makes a Massive Statement on Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens

Published February 15, 2024 at 10:17

The name Trevor Zegras is possibly the one making the most noise right now in Montreal.

Kent Hughes has already announced his intentions for the upcoming summer season, wishing to repeat his *modus operandi* from the last two years by acquiring a young established player to accelerate the rebuilding process.

Just like with Dach in 2022 and Newhook in 2023, the Canadiens' GM would like to leverage his numerous assets to make a big move, notably by adding another player to play on the top two lines.

It's rare to see this type of promising young talent available from their respective teams. Finding the right "fit" and the right business opportunity is key. It turns out there's one in Anaheim, with Zegras's availability on the trade market confirmed.

For these reasons, a link is being drawn between the Canadiens and the Ducks for a possible upcoming trade between the two teams.

However, it's not just here that we see something materializing for the CH's acquisition of the talented American forward, and that's what makes it all very intriguing.

Several experts from different media, not related to the Canadiens, have suggested that the Montreal organization is the team to watch for acquiring Zegras.

Another expert joins the list

In the last few hours, the renowned Craig Button from TSN also stated that the Canadiens are the best match for a trade involving the Ducks' number 11.

"Trevor Zegras: Not necessarily the player you want to build around, but a solid addition to the top 6 nonetheless. The talent is there!

And if you trade a defenseman + WPG's 1st choice (and maybe a little something extra), you can draft a potential #1-2 on the blue line with your pick in the 5-10 range.

Worth considering! #CH #Habs #Canadiens" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Zegras's name fuels debates with very sharp differences of opinion. Some want him with the CH, others do not.

Nonetheless, it's crucial to remember that Zegras is a true top-6 NHL forward, accumulating 146 points, including 53 goals, in 199 games over his career in the league.

A change of scenery from a disheveled organization like the Ducks, which has struggled to have any structure for many years, could be beneficial to Zegras's development.

For those pessimistic about the impact Zegras could have in Montreal, Button states:

"The last time I heard the 'you can't win with him' talk, it was about Jack Eichel. [...] Like Eichel, I think Trevor Zegras can change the direction of a franchise on his own." – Craig Button

If there's a way to build an offer including the Jets' first-round pick (obtained in the Sean Monahan trade), a prospect like Owen Beck or Filip Mesar, and an NHL defenseman like Jayden Struble, I say absolutely yes.

Would you also be ready to make this trade proposal to obtain Trevor Zegras?

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Top NHL Insider Makes a Massive Statement on Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens

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