Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jordan Harris
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Three Teams Officially Linked to Jordan Harris: Trade Imminent?

Published February 26, 2024 at 11:04

Now that Sean Monahan has moved to Winnipeg, the name that comes up most often in trade rumors for the Montreal Canadiens is undoubtedly Jake Allen.

Indeed, knowing that several teams want to strengthen their goaltending duo, some insiders, including Pierre LeBrun, have indicated that Kent Hughes is actively looking to trade the 33-year-old veteran, in order to finally end the three-goalie situation.

However, a significant turn of events has occurred in the last few days as another CH player might be forced to pack his bags by March 8th. According to information reported by journalist Jacob Stoller from "The Hockey News," the Canadiens' GM is attempting to part ways with defenseman Jordan Harris.

"I'm told the Montreal Canadiens are currently shopping Jordan Harris before the trade deadline.

Harris is a 23-year-old left-handed defenseman who skates well and has one more year on his contract ($1.4M). The surplus of young defensemen in MTL has made him replaceable." - Jacob Stoller

Wow! Interesting!

So, it would now be confirmed, the former third-round pick of the Canadiens is indeed available on the trade market.

After all, it's quite understandable given the increasingly interesting depth on the team's blue line. It should also not be forgotten that defensemen like David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, and Logan Mailloux could all make their debuts in the NHL next season, leaving little opportunity for number 54 to carve out a spot in Martin St-Louis' lineup.

Already relegated to the role of a sixth or seventh defenseman, it seems likely that his days in Montreal are numbered, as he simply won't be able to compete with the talented young defensemen ready to jump to the big club.

Additionally, another informant, Jimmy Murphy from Boston Hockey Now, has also confirmed this information. According to his sources, Kent Hughes indeed intends to trade Jordan Harris due to the enormous number of defensemen in his squad.

"Regarding NHL rumors about the Canadiens and defenseman Jordan Harris:

I'm told that given Harris's fall in the hierarchy and with so many good young defensemen in the Canadiens' stable, Harris is definitely available on the trade market.

Knowing how much Kent Hughes likes Harris as a person, he will likely try to find the best place for Harris to get more playing time and develop, provided the return makes sense for the Canadiens." - Jimmy Murphy

Moreover, according to what is circulating, the Tampa Bay Lightning, Calgary Flames, and Dallas Stars are teams to watch closely in this matter, as they wish to add a defenseman for the playoffs.

Certainly, this will be a situation to follow up to the March 8 deadline!

As for Jordan Harris's current trade market value, it's challenging to pinpoint without knowing the specific demands of interested teams, but considering his age, remaining contract, and potential, it's likely that the Canadiens are looking for draft picks or a young forward prospect in return, especially from teams looking to bolster their defensive depth for a playoff run.

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Three Teams Officially Linked to Jordan Harris: Trade Imminent?

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