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The Next Jack Eichel to Join the Montreal Canadiens? Top Insider Makes a Major Statement

Published February 19, 2024 at 12:00

As you know, one of the rumors that has been attracting significant attention in recent weeks involves Anaheim Ducks' star forward Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens.

Although many Montreal fans wish to see Cole Caufield's good friend join the Tricolore, some doubt whether he is the missing piece to allow Martin St-Louis's team to compete for a playoff spot next season.

Indeed, many observers question his attitude and work ethic, adding that he is not at all the type of player that fits with the new culture established by Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton.

However, a highly reputable analyst in the field, Craig Button, recently mentioned on TSN that the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge represents the best "fit" for the young American forward.

He indicated that Kent Hughes has the necessary assets (prospects/draft picks) to make such a transaction. Moreover, he firmly believes that the forward possesses the qualities necessary to propel the CH's attack to another level, an aspect that is currently severely preventing the organization from achieving success on a regular basis.

Regarding his attitude, Button compared the Ducks' forward to Jack Eichel, who was strongly criticized during his time in Buffalo. Just like the Golden Knights' forward, he thinks that Zegras can become a leading element and thus help the Canadiens to win the highest honors.

"The last time I heard the 'you can't win with him' speech, it was about Jack Eichel. [...] Like Eichel, I think Trevor Zegras can change the direction of a franchise on his own." - Craig Button

Let's remember that Jack Eichel, despite his exceptional skills, was unable to help the Sabres qualify for the playoffs. However, when he joined a good team like the Golden Knights and was surrounded by several leaders, he instantly found success, even helping the expansion team to win the Stanley Cup.

This situation is very similar to that of Trevor Zegras with the Anaheim Ducks. He is better than what he currently shows, but the lack of talent around him makes him look bad. He could quickly change the game by joining a team as talented as the Montreal Canadiens.

Furthermore, during his appearance on "The Sick Podcast With Tony Marinaro," Craig Button reiterated that if he were in the position of the CH's GM, he would contact Pat Verbeek every day to know the price to acquire the center player.

"I want Zegras on my team. Zegras is a game-changer, a franchise changer [...] If this guy is available, I'm calling Pat Verbeek every day." – Craig Button

Do you think Kent Hughes will attempt to emulate the Golden Knights by acquiring a player of Trevor Zegras's caliber?

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The Next Jack Eichel to Join the Montreal Canadiens? Top Insider Makes a Major Statement

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