Sad revelation concerning PK Subban: He was a far worse person

Aaron Itovitch
April 1, 2024  (4:04 PM)

Former Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK Subban
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As previously mentioned, according to David St-Germain, everyone at the Montreal Canadiens was pleased when PK Subban was traded to the Nashville Predators.

Indeed, in a recent episode of the Stanley25 podcast, the former employee of the Canadiens made several revelations about players who have played for the organization in recent years, being particularly harsh on the famous number 76.
Although David St-Germain admitted he was a big fan of PK Subban at the start of his tenure with the Montreal Canadiens, one particular anecdote completely changed his perception. Indeed, when two fans purchased the «ultimate experience,» a package that includes many exclusive perks, the defenseman made an entirely ungrateful gesture.
According to the former manager at the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, he had brought the two fans close to the players' lounge to allow them to take a photo with their favorites after the game.
However, even though it would only take 15 seconds, PK Subban refused to take a photo at that time, indicating that he had visitors he wanted to see first. Moreover, the defenseman made the fans wait for over an hour, even attempting to dodge them on his return.
That's when David St-Germain intercepted the defenseman to ask if he could spare a few seconds for these two fans who were dying to meet their idol. However, instead of simply taking a photo and thanking the fans for their support, who ultimately pay his salary, PK Subban made a controversial statement.
«How much is this photo going to give me?» - PK Subban

Embarrassed by the situation, David St-Germain tried to pass it off as a joke, but the CH defenseman was indeed serious. This story truly changed the way he viewed PK, who, however, publicly proclaimed his love for meeting Montreal fans.
Wow! That's really not cool of him!
David St-Germain even admitted that everyone within the organization, perhaps except the marketing department, was happy to see the defenseman leave the team when he was traded for veteran Shea Weber.
These comments say a lot about the true personality of number 76!

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Un ancien employé du Canadien fait une triste confidence sur PK Subban
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Sad revelation concerning PK Subban: He was a far worse person

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