Montreal Canadiens defenseman David Savard
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Pierre LeBrun Confirms Major Information for David Savard Ahead of the Deadline

Published March 8, 2024 at 10:16

Just a few hours before the NHL trade deadline, many Montreal Canadiens fans are wondering if Kent Hughes will make another trade today.

Names like Jake Allen, Tanner Pearson, and Jordan Harris are circulating in trade rumors, but of course, the player who would allow the organization to receive a very interesting return is undoubtedly the veteran David Savard.

During an appearance on RDS, the excellent Pierre LeBrun revealed significant information regarding a potential trade involving the Canadiens' number 58. Although the CH's GM has confirmed his desire to keep Savard in Montreal, numerous teams continue to contact Kent Hughes to inquire about the price for acquiring him.

However, according to what has been mentioned behind the scenes in the NHL, Kent Hughes' demands are excessively high, and he will not trade the 33-year-old defenseman unless he receives an incredible offer.

"I know there were teams even yesterday calling the Canadiens' GM, Kent Hughes, to ask if the price for acquiring David Savard has changed.

According to my information, Kent Hughes' message to other teams is that no, the price has not changed, and the Tricolore does not intend to change the price by Friday 3 pm because the CH is ready to keep the defenseman in its lineup." - Pierre LeBrun

Wow! Excellent news!

This means that the Blue-White-Red's management has set a firm price for their defenseman and will not deviate from their plan. As long as a general manager is not able to offer what the Canadiens want for their defenseman, David Savard will remain a member of the team.

Certainly, it will be interesting in the next few hours. We can't rule out a team panicking and offering the moon to acquire a proven veteran capable of excelling in defensive territory.

You can see Pierre LeBrun's intervention right here:

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Pierre LeBrun Confirms Major Information for David Savard Ahead of the Deadline

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