Major update on the Sean Monahan trade: Kent Hughes is a genius

Aaron Itovitch
March 31, 2024  (4:32 PM)

Winnipeg Jets forward Sean Monahan
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Every time the Montreal Canadiens acquire a first-round pick, fans closely monitor the performance of the teams that have conceded this pick.

This tradition was repeated in 2022 with the Flames, in 2023 with the Panthers, and now with the Jets after the trade of Sean Monahan.
Unfortunately, last year, the Canadiens were unlucky with the Panthers' pick. The latter surprised by qualifying for the playoffs and even reaching the Stanley Cup Final, which caused the Canadiens' potential pick to drop from 17th to 31st in the draft.
In the hockey world, the difference in value between the 17th and 31st pick is significant. For example, to acquire Alex Newhook with the 31st pick, Kent Hughes had to also include the 37th pick to facilitate the transaction. If the Canadiens had kept the 17th pick, they might have been able to retain their second-round choice and add Newhook.

The Jets' results are scrutinized closely

The Jets' results are now under the spotlight, as at the time of acquiring Monahan, their first-round pick was between the 29th and 32nd spot.
However, since then, a significant turnaround is happening in Winnipeg, following a series of notable losses that have raised the rank of their first-round pick, now belonging to the Canadiens, by several positions.
"A few weeks ago, the Jets' 1st-round pick obtained in the Sean Monahan trade was around 30-31st.

The Jets are currently on a losing streak, so much so that the pick is currently the 23rd. The playoffs will obviously have an impact on the actual selection rank, but if the Jets are eliminated in the first two rounds, it should look something like this.

There's still a significant difference between the 31st and the 23rd... for a selection or for a transaction!" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Thus, every Jets loss increases the value of the Canadiens' pick, as each rank gained in the draft order represents an additional opportunity for Kent Hughes, whether he wishes to capitalize on the pick for a transaction or even if he decides to select a player with this better-positioned choice.
The end of the season will be crucial for the Canadiens, as well as for the Jets, which will be closely watched.
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Major update on the Sean Monahan trade: Kent Hughes is a genius

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