Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes
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Kent Hughes' Most Recent Trade Continues to Pay Off: Amazing Update for Habs Fans

Published February 16, 2024 at 9:18

As is customary every time the Montreal Canadiens acquire a first-round pick, fans pay close attention to the results that will affect the draft position of the teams that have traded away this pick.

This was the case in 2022 with the Flames' choice, in 2023 with that of the Panthers, and now with the Jets following the trade of Sean Monahan.

Unfortunately, last year, the Canadiens were not lucky with the Florida selection, as the latter turned out to be a Cinderella team, qualifying in the last game of the season, and then unexpectedly eliminating the Bruins and the Maple Leafs in the first two rounds.

They even reached the Stanley Cup Final, which caused the possible choice in possession of the Canadiens to plummet, moving from a possible 17th rank with an elimination in the first two rounds to the 31st rank in the draft.

In the world of hockey, the value of a 17th choice versus the 31st is completely different.

For example, since Kent Hughes acquired Alex Newhook at this draft with the 31st, he had to also include the 37th overall selection to facilitate the transaction.

However, had he had the 17th choice as initially anticipated, the Canadiens could have possibly kept their high second-round pick for an additional selection in this draft, while adding Alex Newhook.

The Jets' results are scrutinized closely

At the time of Monahan's acquisition, the Jets' choice was between the 29th and 32nd ranks.

Since the trade, it has slipped a few ranks following a series of losses, now sitting in 27th position, a few points away from being among the top 25 selections.

You will understand that the more Winnipeg loses games, the greater the possibility of striking a big deal for the Canadiens increases, given that the organization's choice gains more value with each rank it advances in the draft order.

The end of the season could be decisive for the Canadiens, and the Jets' results will be closely followed.

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Kent Hughes' Most Recent Trade Continues to Pay Off: Amazing Update for Habs Fans

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