NHL insider Frank Seravalli with Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes in front of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens logos
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Kent Hughes and the Canadiens Involved in a Blockbuster Trade With the Penguins? Frank Seravalli Makes a Massive Statement

Published February 18, 2024 at 2:18 PM

Things are heating up with the Pittsburgh Penguins currently, as the team is far from a playoff spot, despite significant additions during the summer and a lineup featuring several star players.

This very uncomfortable position for an organization that aimed for nothing less than the playoffs this year could force Kyle Dubas and the Penguins to cash in on star forward Jake Guentzel's services.

He will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, and despite several attempts to extend his contract, Dubas might be compelled to trade him to avoid losing him for nothing in a few months.

The Canadiens involved in a major trade for Jake Guentzel?

According to what has just been reported by the excellent insider Frank Seravalli, the Canadiens could well be involved again in a three-team transaction with the Penguins, in a trade for Guentzel.

"1. Montreal Canadiens. Projected cap space: $5.65 million. Remaining retained slots: 1

The Tricolore is still monitoring market prices on third-party brokerage (third team involved in a trade to retain salary). You can bet they will be in the game especially if Jake Allen stays."

He even places Kent Hughes at the top of the list to act as a third party, in the perspective where the CH does not use its third and last possibility to retain a contract this year with Jake Allen.

Moreover, as Seravalli also points out, the Canadiens' GM could even obtain another very interesting asset for providing this service to another team, possibly aiming for a third-round pick in return.

"For the first time in history, a third team obtained a 3rd pick (the Yotes) last year in the Patrick Kane trade.

If Jake Guentzel is ultimately traded, a third party involved could receive a lot by retaining money!"

In the past, we can almost confirm that if such a transaction were to occur, it's clear that Hughes will be all ears. He is not afraid to get involved in three-way trades, as he has done several times already.

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Kent Hughes and the Canadiens Involved in a Blockbuster Trade With the Penguins? Frank Seravalli Makes a Massive Statement

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