Kaiden Guhle traded? A massive offer has been proposed

Aaron Itovitch
April 14, 2024  (6:47 PM)

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Kaiden Guhle
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Over the past few weeks, numerous rumors have circulated regarding a potential trade by Kent Hughes to bolster the top two lines of the Montreal Canadiens.

Indeed, with the progress made by the young players of the Tricolore and the organization's prospects, the possibility of the team competing for a playoff spot next year seems increasingly real.
However, to achieve this, there is no doubt that the Montreal leadership will need to acquire a quality forward to support the first unit composed of Nick Suzuki, Juraj Slafkovsky, and Cole Caufield. Many observers suggest that Kent Hughes should trade one of his talented defensemen to ensure the addition of a quality forward to his lineup.
Of course, the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge could trade a player like Arber Xhekaj, Jayden Struble, or Justin Barron, but if the management really wants to optimize the value of the forward received in return, they might need to trade a top defenseman like Kaiden Guhle, David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, or Logan Mailloux.
In this regard, during a recent episode of the "Processus" podcast by Mathias Brunet and Simon Boisvert, the two hosts raised a frankly interesting trade proposal between the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers. According to them, Kent Hughes could add American forward Gabriel Perreault to the lineup by offering Kaiden Guhle, but they believe this trade would not be advantageous for the CH currently.
"I believe the Canadiens would not make this trade. However, Kaiden Guhle for Gabriel Perreault, I would think about it.

The thing is, this is the kind of trade you could wait a year to make because, for now, Kent Hughes needs to continue evaluating what he has on hand. However, once you know what you have in your defensive brigade, then you might be able to afford to sacrifice a Kaiden Guhle.

A scenario like this is one that will probably be revisited in a year or two." - Simon Boisvert

After all, Gabriel Perreault, selected 23rd overall in the draft last year, has extremely promising potential. Indeed, the majority of experts expect him to become a quality forward in the NHL, as he is currently dominating in the college ranks.
In his first NCAA season, the Sherbrooke native amassed an impressive total of 57 points, including 19 goals, in only 34 games. This haul is all the more spectacular considering he is just 18 years old, irrefutable proof of his exceptional talent.
However, since his arrival in the organization, Kaiden Guhle has quickly established himself as a cornerstone of the defensive brigade led by Martin St-Louis. Moreover, knowing that he is far from having reached his peak, there is no doubt that number 21 will be able to take on heavy defensive responsibilities when the Canadiens are competitive again.
For this reason, I believe Kent Hughes must absolutely keep his former first-round pick in Montreal, as David Reinbacher and he could form a formidable duo in the playoffs. Therefore, the GM of the CH will need to find a better alternative to add a top 6 forward to the lineup.
For those interested in listening to the podcast, it's right here:
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Kaiden Guhle traded? A massive offer has been proposed

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